DTS 4.0 Alpha 3 Release, Now Available

We’re very pleased to announce availability of the DTS 4.0 Alpha 3 release. The Alpha 3 release is the final Alpha release of DTS Version 4. The next release will be a full functionality Beta release available this summer. New features in Alpha 3 include enhanced DTS Subsets, Namespace Root specification, and Namespace and Subset Publishing.

Version 4 adds significant new functionality to DTS Subsets. Like Namespaces, Subsets now can have Properties and are versioned. Subset Versions themselves can have Properties and the Subset Expression is associated with a Version. Subset Expressions are also much richer, supporting multiple Namespace and Subset filters in addition to the familiar Concept, Concept Name and Attribute Filters. Namespace and Subset filters can also be nested under other filters. Descendant and Children options in the Concept Filter are now available for Thesaurus Namespaces (using the “Parent Of” association).

For a full list of the new features and additional information on DTS 4.0 or to download the Alpha 3 release, visit www.ApelonDTS.org.


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