Measure Stewards

Developing and deploying quality measurement products requires building and managing a multitude of interrelated knowledge artifacts: Value sets need to be properly aligned to help declare measure logic; value set purpose statements need to be captured to fully define inclusion and exclusion criteria; and those criteria need to be evaluated against ever-changing standard terminologies to calculate accurate and up-to-date value set code lists.

Employing a terminology server and an experienced team of terminologists can turn an information management nightmare into a streamlined, self-sustaining system. With Apelon’s DTS, users can access and build off of all relevant standard terminologies in a single, enterprise-level tool. Value set metadata such as purpose statements and workflow statuses can be stored within the terminology server directly on each value set, and value set expressions can be expressed using logical definitions and calculated with a push of a button. When a new version of a terminology is released, Apelon’s content subscription service makes it available within DTS automatically, and DTS’s change management reports will show exactly how each value set would be impacted by the release before the update is even applied. No more saving value sets as ambiguous flat lists. No more sifting through content updates line by line to evaluate new potential additions. And no need to scramble to answer questions about why a specific code isn’t included in a value set.

Already have enumerated list value sets and want to expedite converting them to intensional expressions? Apelon’s terminologists have decades of experience working with clients to translate their flat lists into logical definitions and training their teams to confidently develop new intensional expression value sets independently. Ready to publish the results? Apelon’s DTS supports HL7 FHIR terminology services, meaning value set contents can be easily shared in a familiar, machine-readable format. Or choose from the wide array of custom export utilities also available within DTS.

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