FHIR Connectathon 13, September 2016... Success!

Tuesday, 20 September 2016

DTS FHIR Services Utilized by Payer Connect

Here's what it looked like inside the September 2016 FHIR Connectathon in Baltimore:


You see some tired-looking people in a hotel conference room, a slide projector, and if I can make so bold, I'd say it doesn't look like what you'd call an exciting day. But if that's what it looked like, this is how it felt... 

 Each new FHIR Terminology Services connectathon we participate in moves the standard forward, and moves our implementation forward. This month, DTS was successfully used by the HL7 Payer Extract group to validate HEDIS measure value sets. That means that it's just a little bit easier for payers, providers, and EMR vendors to actually deploy the quality measurement tools produced as part of HEDIS. Congratulations to the teams who slogged through the coding in Baltimore!

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