Apelon DTS Update

Monday, 22 February 2016

Version 4.4 adds new features, performance improvements

Apelon DTS Update

Have you see the latest from DTS, Apelon’s open source terminology server? Version 4.4 is out (register and download at http://apelondts.org), and there are a lot of new features over the past couple of releases. Here are some of the highlights:

Module Manager

After more than 20 years, we’ve never found two organizations with exactly the same terminology management workflows. So, the DTS Editor relies on a flexible modular architecture, allowing users to choose from a menu of optional plug-ins. With the new Module Manager, DTS now keeps all those plug-ins up to date automatically!

Terminology Update app

Apelon terminology update subscription customers receive the latest updates to all their terminologies. We’ve streamlined and automated the update process with a new app. You receive a notification each time an update is available, and when you’re ready to apply the new content, it’s just a few clicks to bring your DTS terminology knowledge base up to date. The terminology update app is really the top layer of our improved subscription service, including a much faster turnaround for new version releases.

Enterprise Publish/Subscribe

Many Apelon DTS users are building large-scale terminologies and managing a collection of custom value sets, and it’s imperative that these resources are built correctly. DTS’s publish/subscribe features allow a distributed enterprise to customize everything from the look and feel of the Editor itself, to a collection of custom reports, to a standardized set of user permissions, and publish those to all their users. That way, everyone stays on the same page: the enterprise can build standardized workflows, training and documentation, and quality assurance is built right into the process.

And More!

Besides all the visible improvements, DTS 4.4 has a number of behind-the-scenes improvements, like faster login and faster query processing, enhanced data export capabilities, improved error handling (along with more helpful error messages when something does go wrong) and much more.  If you’re building and managing terminologies and value sets, we hope you’ll check out the latest version of DTS!

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