TermManager 2.1 Now Available

Apelon is proud to announce the release of TermManager 2.1!

This version includes security improvements and enhances processing speed.

If you have any questions, please contact support@apelon.com.

DTS 4.7.2 Now Available

Apelon is proud to announce the release of DTS 4.7.2!

DTS 4.7.2 increases functionality for the DTS Editor application, DTS Browser, and includes new plug-ins and plug-in features. In addition to several bug fixes, DTS 4.7.2 continues support for HL7’s FHIR Terminology Service, adding several new updates for compliance with the FHIR R4 specification.

More information regarding the new features, performance enhancements and other updates to DTS can be found in our Release Notes documentation and our FAQ.

To download a copy of the new release, please navigate to the Software Downloads page at ApelonDTS.org. For a complete list of the new features as well as resolved issues and bugs, please see the DTS Release Notes and other documentation located in the Documentation Center.

If you have any questions regarding the new release, please don’t hesitate to reach out to log an information request ticket at www.servicedesk.apelon.com, or reach out to us directly at support@apelon.com.

Join Us at HIMSS 2023

Apelon is excited to attend the HIMSS 2023 Global Conference in Chicago this April! This annual conference has become very large, and it’s arguably no longer a good venue for conversation; but Chicago is a great city. Want to connect face-to-face? Reach out to info@apelon.com and we will be excited to set up a meeting at the conference or offsite.

AMIA 2022

Join us for the 22nd annual Apelon AMIA reception on Monday, November 7th at the Washington Hilton. Suite number TBA.

John Gresh

Director of Product Development

+1 203-431-2530 x145


John Gresh joined Apelon in 2014.  As the Director of Product Development, John is responsible for the oversite of the development of Apelon’s gold standard products.  John brings 20 years of Bioinformatics, Health Care Informatics, Data Warehousing, Big Data, Process Engineering, and hands on software, database, and system architecture design and development to Apelon.  John developed an early appreciation for terminology working for Big Pharma, Biotech, and cutting edge EHR companies and has developed a wide variety of terminology based solutions for everything from genomic data tracking, research data mining, personnel and team management, drug discovery, heath care, wildflower classification and identification. John is an alumnus of the University of Connecticut and Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute where he earned a Master’s of Science in Computer Science. 

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John Carter

Vice President

+1 203-431-2530 x137


John Carter is Apelon’s VP, Sales and Services. He’s been with the company since 2000, except for a stint at GE Healthcare from 2007-2008. John studied medical informatics at the University of Utah and has an MBA in finance from Webster University. John has led Apelon’s consulting and software development projects for VA, NCI and numerous commercial clients and is now focused on expanding Apelon’s international data sharing initiatives.

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Jim Silvia

Technical Lead for Client Services

+1 203-431-2530


Jim works to resolve client or internal technical support issues which arise.  Jim plays an integral role in the deployment, maintenance, and monitoring of Apelon’s Hosted DTS server solutions. 

Jim also works closely with Apelon’s Data Engineering team performing Quality Control testing on new content releases. Additionally, Jim works with Apelon’s Development team in the role of Release Manager, ensuring that new product development is successfully tested, and gets released to Apelon’s client-base on schedule.


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Jack Bowie

Senior Vice President

+1 203-431-2530


Jack has been with Apelon since its founding, leading company efforts in Sales, Marketing and Engineering.

Jack is an internationally-recognized informaticist, regularly serving on healthcare standards bodies, and is a frequent speaker on terminology issues at healthcare industry consortia and conferences.

Currently, Jack manages a number of corporate relationships, including those with the Open HIE Project and the HL7 FHIR initiative, and provides consulting and design support to Apelon products.

Prior to joining Apelon, Jack held a number of business and engineering management positions at Xerox Corporation, Digital Equipment Corporation and the MITRE Corporation. He began his professional career as Director of Systems Software at the Massachusetts General Hospital Laboratory of Computer Science. Jack received his doctorate in Electrical Engineering and Biomedical Image Processing from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

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Dan Smith

Director, services

+1 203-431-2530 x157


Dan Smith joined the Apelon team in 2011. As a manager of the Project Management Office, Dan is responsible for the initiation, planning, and execution of many of Apelon’s projects. He also provides guidance and oversight for other members of the PMO.

Dan employs his engineering background along with Apelon’s software products to design and deploy efficient, technical solutions to an array of Healthcare IT challenges. For instance, Dan plays an active role in the National Committee for Quality Assurance’s efforts to manage hundreds of quality measurement value sets in Apelon’s Distributed Terminology System (DTS), leveraging DTS’ extensive subsetting capabilities. He has also led the initiative to migrate the National Center for Health Statistics’ maintenance of ICD-10-CM into DTS, taking advantage of critical data validation, change management, and export features, some of which were custom built specifically for NCHS. Dan graduated from Cornell with a degree in Chemical Engineering and is currently pursuing a Masters Degree in Applied Health Sciences Informatics at Johns Hopkins University.


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Andy Wells

Director of Content and Engineering Support

+1 203-431-2530


Andy Wells joined Apelon in 1999 to head technical aspects of our healthcare decision support offerings (claims analysis and reporting).  Today, his primary responsibility is keeping Apelon and its clients up-to-date with rapidly evolving medical terminology standards. He has a long and strong technical background in software and database design and development which began with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Computer Science from S.U.N.Y., at Oswego, NY.  Andy is also often called upon to help on special design, support and consulting activities, for example ranging from specific LOINC terminology questions to overseas DTS (Distributed Terminology System) software training in Rwanda, Africa.


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