John Gresh

Director of Product Development

+1 203-431-2530 x145

John Gresh joined Apelon in 2014.  As the Director of Product Development, John is responsible for the oversite of the development of Apelon’s gold standard products.  John brings 20 years of Bioinformatics, Health Care Informatics, Data Warehousing, Big Data, Process Engineering, and hands on software, database, and system architecture design and development to Apelon.  John developed an early appreciation for terminology working for Big Pharma, Biotech, and cutting edge EHR companies and has developed a wide variety of terminology based solutions for everything from genomic data tracking, research data mining, personnel and team management, drug discovery, heath care, wildflower classification and identification. John is an alumnus of the University of Connecticut and Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute where he earned a Master’s of Science in Computer Science.