Consulting Services

Apelon’s consulting services team has almost four decades of experience constructing, maintaining, and deploying client-specific terminologies, reference terminologies, and mixtures of the two in both simple and complex electronic information ecosystems.

Whether you need terminology mappings next week, or a long-term assist with developing and implementing a data governance plan, Apelon’s team of clinical informaticists, engineers, and architects can help you create a semantic framework.

Apelon strives to promote interoperability by sharing our knowledge of standard terminologies and their applications. Apelon’s certified terminologists can provide in-depth training on SNOMED CT, ICD-10-CM, LOINC, RxNorm, HL7 FHIR and many other data and exchange standards. We can lead efforts to create extensions to ontologies and submit content change requests to their respective governing bodies. And we can apply our clinical expertise to develop quality measures and value sets using rule-based expressions to leverage the logic within code systems and streamline ongoing maintenance activities.

Whether you have an immediate need for professional support or want to grow your own team of resident terminologists, Apelon can help.