Terminology Tooling

Apelon offers a number of solutions for terminology tooling to suit the needs of governments, the healthcare industry, system administrators, and more. Check out our options, which include DTS, TermWorks, and TermManager.

Data Governance

Apelon’s professional services team helps you maximize the value of your e-health investments with Terminology Asset Management(sm), a full-lifecycle medical data governance program.

Consulting Services

Apelon’s consulting services team has almost four decades of experience constructing, maintaining, and deploying client-specific terminologies, reference terminologies, and mixtures of the two in both simple and complex electronic information ecosystems.

Standards Implementation

Apelon consultants can advocate for you at Health Level 7, IHTSDO, LOINC, ISO, and other Standards Development Organizations to ensure that emerging interoperability standards reflect your needs and concerns.

Content Subscription

Apelon’s Content Subscription Service provides initial loads and scheduled updates for more than fifty terminologies and cross maps, all in a consistent format, lowering costs of application development and maintenance while improving reliability.

Terminology Mapping

Apelon’s team of clinical informatics professionals can map your legacy data to standard terminologies quickly and accurately.