About Apelon

Who We Are

Apelon is a clinical informatics company focused on accelerating eHealth through data standardization and interoperability. We help create semantic frameworks that improve data quality, comparability and accessibility.

For thirty-eight years Apelon and its predecessor, Lexical Technology, have collaborated with and supported many of the world’s leading public and private healthcare organizations to design, build and deploy clinical terminologies. Apelon’s personnel: computer scientists, medical informaticists, and clinicians, are recognized experts in vocabulary technology, dedicated to providing practical healthcare information solutions.

Apelon is committed to industry leadership, participating in commercial, academic and public-sector forums including AMIA, HL7, ISO, IHTSDO, HITSC, OpenHIE, and others (and if you don’t know what some of those acronyms mean, call us and we’ll tell you which ones to focus on).

What We Do

Terminology Content

Apelon provides a single point of contact for all national and international data standards. Content is available by subscription in standard and custom data formats. Custom data sets and mappings are available to meet individual application needs. Available terminologies include country-specific versions of SNOMED CT, ICD-9 and ICD-10, along with MedDRA, WHOART, RxNorm, LOINC, and more than forty-five others.

Terminology Tools

Apelon software enables code system management, data mapping, and deployment. Our open source Distributed Terminology System (DTS) is a robust, full-featured vocabulary server. TermWorks and TermManager provide data mapping solutions in organizations around the world. Apelon tools connect to interface engines, order-entry systems, data repositories, health exchanges and decision support systems.

Professional Services

From Kigali and Manila to Washington and Toronto, our consultants provide training, advice, and technical services to support terminology and interoperability investments. We assist with data modeling, data mappings, and other implementation tasks including content and software customization.